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Preparation requirements for a Survey:

Our guidelines for preparing your boat for a survey

  • The vessel is to be lifted or securely shored and chocked. I reserved the right to halt an inspection if I believe the vessel is unsafe or a danger to anyone in any way.
  • All marine growth should be removed from the hull and fittings to allow full inspection of the underwater surfaces, Salt, marine fouling and slime will retain moisture, so the hull must be allowed to dry for an amount of time depending on the type of coatings before any moisture readings may be taken.
  • If the vessel is to be held in the slings, an appropriate amount of time will need to be booked with the yard to allow inspection below the waterline to take place, extra time in particular if it is a wooden vessel being inspected. This cost is covered by the client.
  • Keys and access to the vessel including all exterior lockers on the day will need to be arranged.
  • Have any documentation relevant to the time of survey, made available at the time, invoices, service records and manuals etc.
  • A mains power supply with fully charged, connected service batteries will be required if systems are to be tested. Adequate fuel if a river or sea trial has been agreed.
  • Removal of stowed belongings and on board kit can aid an efficient inspection and is always appreciated when time can be saved.
  • If all access panels and fastened soles could be released to allow inspection of areas such as keel attachments and through hull fittings this would help to save time.

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