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Types of Survey and Services Offered


Pre-purchase or “Full” survey

A comprehensive survey commissioned by a potential buyer prior to purchase. The report may also be used by a finance house if one is involved and the client’s insurance company when they come to insure the vessel after purchase. Primarily we will be looking for faults that could potentially make the vessel unsafe and costly to repair which can affect the negotiation of a sale. A full report will describe the vessel in a categorised way covering all aspects of its structure, function and systems, any issues found will be summarized up front and also highlighted in the body of the text.


Insurance Survey

Commissioned by the owner of a vessel when their insurer has requested a survey prior to renewing an existing policy. Typically, these are required when the vessel is twenty years old though some can request them within as little as five years from build, most renewal intervals vary between five and seven years thereafter depending on the broker. The body of the survey is on the potential risk a vessel presents to an insurer, this being focused on the structural safety and suitability of the craft.


Damage Survey

Usually commissioned by the marine insurance company when a vessel they cover has suffered loss or damage. Criteria required by the broker will vary case to case but there will usually be an additional investigative element, estimates of repair are often required and I can offer my advice when these need to be agreed.


Tonnage Survey

This is an exercise of measuring and a calculation based on a set formula, it is required for part1 registration with the U. K’s shipping register for commercial ships and pleasure vessels and a part3 registry is for the registry of the unique name and proof of the vessels existence only. Fees are charged against a set scale, this service can be requested through a YDSA application. This service can also be included as part of another survey.


Marine Consultancy and Project Management

Repairing or refitting any vessel can be a costly affair, this is where I can help save money and guide where it can be best spent on a project, preliminary tests and careful dismantlement can be a good way to make those tricky decisions during the early stages of an undertaking, when budget and time frame are the most pressing factors. With subcontracted undertakings, I can aid in choosing the most sensible approach to a project having been in business for over 10 years.


Osmosis Treatment

Assessing the extent of moisture ingress the FRP laminates has sustained efficiently, advising the best method of drying and returning the substrate to a strong, fair water resistant state is the aim. This can be a labour intensive undertaking and with a multitude of conditions there is no single method of treatment that will cover all osmatic forms. We can offer a service where an initial recording of moisture levels, followed by monitoring the drying process prior to advising on an appropriate application of new coatings.


Wooden Yacht Surveys

Before contracting a full survey it may be sensible to carry out an initial check over of the structure, the focus will be upon material deterioration from. A visual inspection will be carried out to reveal any evidence of movement in the planking and fastenings, hammer sounding will be used to detect areas of decay. It is important that a thorough examination as possible by getting good access to the hull and frames is conducted. The costs of repairs with wooden vessels can often be higher than the market value of the boat, so it is vital for you to get a clear idea of what you are assessing from the outset.


Sea Trials

Sea trials are undertaken to establish the working condition of the vessels systems. This involves testing all through hull fittings, rigging, steering gear, instruments and engines. For performance power cruisers or large sailboats this involves bringing the engines up to operating temperature and run for a period under full load. All instrumentation, systems and installations will be examined.


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